zenApiLib is available at as an unofficial tool for leveraging the Zenoss Resource Manager and Zenoss Cloud Collection Zone APIs.


  • leverages Python logging library
  • provides paging API support; leverage router methods' "limit" parameter to break large results from queries into manageable chunks
  • API result error checking
    • Content-Type JSON, return decoded JSON object
    • Content-Type HTML, return error with HTML page title
  • API call error checking
    • Validate specified router exists
    • Validate called method exists
  • provides backward compatibility with zenoss_api.ZenAPIConnector.ZenAPIConnector
  • supports multiple Zenoss instance definitions in a single credential file
    • credential file name defaults to creds.cfg and the same directory as the file
    • ability to specify credential file
  • includes the script for simple command line API interaction. Can be easily incorporated into existing shell scripts.

API Router Helper Libraries


Router-specific helper libraries contain common, repeatedly-used functionality.

Leveraging zenApiLib