CreateMetric (POST /v1/dictionary/metrics)

The CreateMetric method creates a custom metric definition. If the metric name exists in the Zenoss Cloud default dictionary, the custom definition will supercede the default definition. If the custom definition is deleted, the default definition will be restored.

Status Codes

  • 200 (custom definition was created)
  • 400 (no metric name provided)
  • 409 (a custom metric by the same name already exists)


CreateMetric Request
curl \
  -H "zenoss-api-key: YOUR-API-KEY" \
  -X POST -s \
  -d '{"name": "sysUpTime_sysUpTime", "label": "Custom Uptime"}'
CreateMetric Response
  "name": "sysUpTime_sysUpTime",
  "layer": "TENANT",
  "label": "Custom Uptime"