GetMetric (GET /v1/dictionary/metrics/{name})

The GetMetric method returns the definition for a single metric name. If a custom definition has been created for the metric, it will be returned with its layer field set to TENANT. Otherwise the Zenoss Cloud default definition will be returned with no layer field set.

Status Codes

  • 200 (definition exists for requested name)
  • 404 (no definition exists for requested name)


GetMetric Request
curl \
  -H "zenoss-api-key: YOUR-API-KEY" \
  -X GET -s
GetMetric Response (Default)
  "name": "sysUpTime_sysUpTime",
  "label": "Uptime",
  "description": "The time (in hundredths of a second) ...",
  "units": "centiseconds",
  "minimum": "0"
GetMetric Response (Custom)
  "name": "sysUpTime_sysUpTime",
  "layer": "TENANT",
  "description": "This had been overridden."