Introduction to Zenoss Cloud

Zenoss Cloud is the leading software-as-a-service, deep infrastructure monitoring platform. Zenoss Cloud builds real-time models of IT infrastructure and services, and uses machine learning algorithms to quickly identify the root causes of outages.

Data is collected through Collection Zones or streaming data agents, specific entities are monitored in dashboards, and the root cause of an issue is investigated with Smart View.

Collection Zones

A Collection Zone represents a set of collectors, which are logical groups of services that gather availability, performance, or model data from IT infrastructure resources and services. Collectors can be used for logical or geographical separation of resources and services within an organization, and with this flexibility, one Collection Zone is typically all that is needed.

Streaming data agents

Zenoss provides agents for streaming data directly to Zenoss Cloud, without using a Collection Zone. Zenoss agents are integrations with popular monitoring tools that facilitate the transition from DevOps to ITOps.

Smart View

Smart View is an intelligent, real-time tool for troubleshooting infrastructure issues. Smart View displays the most important information about an entity, including the entities it depends on and any events that affect it, at any period in time. Use Smart View to:

  • Find unusual patterns and changes in resource consumption with machine learning from event and performance streams
  • Explore historical data in context with living, dynamic dependency modeling
  • Predict service impacts from any failing component and related resources


A Zenoss Cloud dashboard displays key indicators of a collection of entities over a period of time. You define the collection of entities a dashboard includes—its scope—with a query. Like Smart View, dashboards display metric values for any period of time.

Next steps

To enable access for others, see Enabling user access.

To log in, see Logging in to Zenoss Cloud.